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Color Picker v7.4.1 [Pro]
Requirements: 5.0 and later versions
General description: Color Picker – A simple and convenient app to identify color from camera or image with many additional features.

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Color Picker – Camera or image color identification app with many additional features.

Identify color from various color palettes. The application database contains more than 1000 entries of the most famous color palettes: common colors, RAL Classic, HTML (W3C), Material Design and others. Don’t know which palette to choose? Use the universal palette “Common Colors”, which contains all the most famous colors.

Dynamic Reach. Just swipe the screen to resize the scope. You can quickly identify the color at the center point or the average color of the entire selected area. Three scope shapes are available: circle, square, and point. If a circle is selected, the average color is actually calculated only from the pixels inside the circle.

View color science data. Click on the lab flask icon to switch to expert mode. Displays the color temperature (in degrees Kelvin), the location of the color in the optical spectrum, the color value in various color models (RGB, CMYK, HSV, and others), as well as the degree of color matching (in percent ) with the most similar color from the selected color palette. Unnecessary elements of the expert mode can be disabled in the settings.

Advanced camera settings. Identify color more accurately by manually configuring focus mode, white balance, and other camera settings.

Identify the color in the images. Open the image and identify/save the desired color anywhere in the image. You can send the image in the app via the system “Share” dialog. All standard gestures for working with images are supported.

Work with saved colors. Saved colors can be edited, send HEX value of selected colors via system “Share” dialog or import/export all colors in CSV.

Search and explore colors in the database. Thanks to a search by HEX value or color name, you will quickly find the desired color in the database. You can send any text to the application, to search the database, via the system “Share” dialog.

Disclaimer. Color samples may differ significantly from the originals due to color reproduction. All colors are provided for informational purposes only. Do not use these values ​​where a highly accurate color match is required.

The image in the screenshots was taken from Pexels, under a free use license.

★★★ MOD by vadj ★★★
Remove ads.
Analytics and metrics disabled.
Google services disabled.
Optimization graph.
Without Internet.
Languages: ‘en’ ‘ru’
Architectures: Universal

★★★ MOD by Alex.Strannik ★★★
PRO Unlocked
Ads removed
Analysis removed
Languages: ‘en’ ‘ru’ ‘uk’
Architectures: Universal

What’s new:
Fixed a crash showing an error on image upload failed.

This application does not have advertising

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Mod by vadj:

Mirrors: … o.apk.html

Mod by Alex. Strannik:

Mirrors: … d.apk.html

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