Her Little Secret v0.2.21 (18+) Latest Version

Your little secret v0.2.21 (18+)
Requirements: 4.4+
General description: You are a graphic designer with a stable job and a stable life at the age of 25. You have little to no experience when it comes to dealing with girls.


Lately you’ve been experiencing loneliness firsthand when all of a sudden, out of the blue,

you feel like you just became the main character of a game.

You feel that your life is going to become eventful and livelier than ever.

Of those events, one takes the form of a human girl. A new intern who will join to work with you.

You unknowingly fall in love with her while spending time with her.

You work up the courage to get to know her better, but the more you do, the more you realize that she’s no ordinary girl.

Would she be willing to tell you her little secret?

What’s new:
Sleeping sex (anal) added

Evelyn and Stella will now roam their houses and you will be able to interact with them. (They will change location every 20 minutes)

Small changes to Mifa’s 3rd date regarding Sola’s age.

Added 5 new phone background images (Sola, Stella, Evelyn, Mifa)


Added Mifa puzzles

Added Ciera’s puzzles.

Added Penny puzzles

This app has ads.

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