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Iceraven Browser v1.21.2
Requirements: Android 5.0+
General description: It is definitely not offered to you by Mozilla! Iceraven Browser is a web browser for Android, based on Mozilla’s Fenix ​​version of Firefox, GeckoView and Mozilla Android Components.


Our goal is to be a close fork of the new Firefox for Android that seeks to give users more choice, more opportunities for customization (including a vast library of extensions), and more information about the pages they visit and how their browsers interact. those pages

Notable features include:

about: configuration support

The ability to attempt to install a much longer list of plugins than Mozilla’s Fenix ​​version of Firefox accepts. Currently, the browser queries this AMO collection ( … -on-Fenix/) Most of them won’t work, because they depend on the code that Mozilla is still on. working. writing in android components, but you can try to install them. If you don’t see a plugin you want, you can request it.

There are no guarantees or guarantees of security or updates or even stability! Please note that the Iceraven browser includes unstable code written by Mozilla, with our own modifications added on top, all included with the stable version of the GeckoView engine. Therefore, the browser may contain bugs introduced from the upstream. Currently, our Github release automation automatically creates the binaries. These binaries are signed with a debug key. When we finally post this somewhere official like F-droid, we will sign the apks with a proper key for public release. Due to the current way we create releases and sign them, you may not want to rely on “alpha” quality software as your primary web browser, as it will be buggy. Therefore, use this browser only if you are comfortable with these limitations/potential risks.

Note/Disclaimer: The Iceraven browser could not exist without the hard-working people at Mozilla Corporation who work on the Mozilla Android Components and Firefox projects, but it is not an official Mozilla product and is not provided, endorsed, examined, approved, or warranted. . by Mozilla.

Additionally, we intend to try to reduce telemetry and proprietary code as much as possible, as long as doing so doesn’t compromise the user experience or make the fork too difficult to maintain. At this time, we believe that telemetry should no longer be sent to Mozilla, but we cannot guarantee this; data can still be sent. Due to the way we implement this, it may appear that the application still contains trackers when scanned with tools that look for the presence of known tracking libraries. These detected trackers should actually be non-functional surrogates, many of which come from here. If you find that the app is actually sending data to Mozilla, Adjust, Leanplum, Firebase, or any other similar service, please open an issue! Presumably, all data coming into Mozilla is governed by Mozilla’s privacy policy, but since Iceraven Browser is not a Mozilla product, we can’t promise that.

Iceraven Browser combines the power of the Fenix ​​(of which we are a fork) and the spirit of Fennec, with a respectful nod to the great tradition of Netscape Navigator, where all Gecko-based projects come from, including the first of our predecessors, the old desktop browsers Mozilla Phoenix and Mozilla Firefox.

That said, Iceraven Browser is an independent volunteer project and has no affiliation with Netscape, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Phoenix, Debian, Debian Iceweasel, Parabola GNU/Linux-libre Iceweasel, America Online, or Verizon. among others. :) Basically, if you don’t like the browser, it’s not your fault. :)

What’s new:
Thanks to @akliuxingyuan for doing all the work for this release! I’m only sending your code this time.

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More information:

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Download Instructions:
armeabi-v7a … release.apk


arm64-v8a … release.apk


x86 … release.apk


x86_64 … release.apk


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