Memrise Easy Language Learning v2023.2.14.0 [Premium] Latest Version

Memrise easy language learning v2023.2.14.0 [Premium]
Requirements: 7.0 and later versions
General description: Learning a language is not difficult. short lessons.


Learning a language is not difficult. short lessons. Phrases from real life. Get everything you need to go from learning to speaking, fast, with Memrise.

Join over 60 million people and start learning a language with Memrise – the easiest way to learn a language!

“It is one of the most popular language apps with its easy-to-use interface and helpful video clips of spoken dialects in action to help you master real-world scenarios.” – All the tech buzz

We get to the heart of learning a language: showing you how native speakers speak and teaching you how to do it yourself. Video clips of real people on local streets, coffee shops, karaoke bars, and at work help you understand and speak languages ​​the way they are used in real-life situations.

What languages ​​can I learn?

You can learn Spanish (European Spanish and Mexican Spanish) French German Italian Japanese (Romaji and Kanji) Korean Chinese, Portuguese (European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese) Russian Dutch Swedish Norwegian Polish Turkish Danish Icelandic Mongolian Slovenian Yoruba and English (British English and American English) .

Download the app for:

1) Learn all the essential elements of the language. Useful vocabulary and phrases for real life situations: from ordering a coffee to making small talk with friends in new places.

2) Get used to the language as the locals speak it. With over 50,000 audio and video clips, you’ll get familiar with a variety of sounds, tones, rhythms, body language, gestures, and more.

3) Ease of speaking another language with confidence. A safe space to practice without feeling afraid or embarrassed to speak a new language out loud.

Learn French to travel

Our French courses have all the words and phrases you’ll need to feel like a local.

Learn Spanish for work

With video clips from native speakers to help you understand and speak Spanish with your colleagues, faster.

learn japanese for fun

So you can enjoy Japanese country and culture without translation apps and subtitles.

Whatever your motivation for learning languages, Memrise prepares you for the real world, whether you’re a beginner or looking to brush up on your language skills.

A team of language specialists and native speakers working alongside expert engineers design and create your lessons to help you go from learning to speaking quickly. I feel excited? You can learn Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (and more) and learn to speak like the locals do! Try any of our more than 20 language courses.

Here’s What Others Think About Memrise

‘Memrise immerses you in local pronunciation and dialect to keep you interested’ – CNN

‘Memrise is perfect for the complete beginner who wants to learn the basics of a language’ – Popular Science

‘Best for learning to speak a new language casually’ – cnet


A Memrise Pro subscription is required to access all of our learning features. These features may vary depending on your device language and language pair. Once purchased, subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled before the end of the current payment period. Subscriptions can be managed or canceled in your Google Play Store account.

In-App Permissions: To enable some features of the Memrise app, we may need to ask for your permission. For example, we will ask you for access to your microphone if you want to practice your pronunciation skills. You can change the permissions at any time in your settings.

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Available languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Danish, Icelandic, Mongolian, Slovenian, Yoruba, and English.

Modification information:
✪ Unlocked premium features
✪ Multiple languages
✪ CPU: universal
✪ Removed debug info
✪ Original signature changed

What’s new:
Error correction? Sure, there you have it!

Application improvements? Voila, don’t mention it!

Cheeseburger and a side of fries? Err…

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