NEO Mushroom Garden v2.6.0 [Mod Money] Latest Version

NEO Mushroom Garden v2.6.0 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 2.3.3+
General description: -Mushroom garden to the next stage-


The renowned “Mushroom Growing and Harvesting Game” is back with a drastic evolution!
While the original nice touch of the harvest and cutely designed characters are still maintained, everything including the harvest, gardening, and library has been revamped!
What are you waiting for? Start “NEO Mushroom Garden” right now!

*What makes it NEO #1: now in HD with extra slippery mushroom texture
It’s a dream come true… in HD! Harvest Funghi with an extra slippery, undulating motion!
The size of the mushroom growing space has also been doubled! Taste the vintage that is sure to stimulate your five senses.

*What makes it NEO #2? Brand new “Back Cover Information” feature in the Library!
Including the additional “NEO” Funghi, all library contents have been updated for those “Original”, “Seasons” and “Deluxe” Funghi!
Now the new library will have “Back Cover Information” which features secret profiles such as personalities and abilities!
Let’s take a look inside the mysteries of the adorable Funghi!

*What makes it NEO #3? The new “Food Machine” to make a special “Funghi Food”!
Now you can get your hands on the new “Food Machine” to make “Funghi Food” essential for mushroom gardening!
You can even customize the machine your way to create uniquely flavored foods.
Each customizable food has a different effect, such as “quick to grow, but quick to wither”, “easy to grow red Funghi” and “attract Funghi with flavors”, enjoy gardening to your liking!

*What makes NEO #4 – The more you harvest, the more you earn
In “NEO”, as you harvest a lot of Funghi, you will receive a lot of rewards accordingly!
Prizes include garden equipment and the parts needed to upgrade the food machine. Harvest more to collect tons of prizes!

What NEO #5 Does – Grow Funghi Outside of the Original Garden Room
Funghi jumping out of the small gardening room!?
You can change the “Gardening Theme” to other landscapes like green meadows and futuristic factories! Well, not as free as open world games, we admit.
Certain Funghi can grow into different aspects depending on the subject they are grown in, so let’s try them all!
There’s also a rumor that certain rare Funghi could grow by equipping a device that matches the theme that’s in use…?


-A new order+ has been added!
-Funghi Hinadan theme is on!

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