Tabou Stories®: Love Episodes v2.11 [Unlimited Diamonds] Latest Version

Tabou Stories®: Love Episodes v2.11 [Unlimited Diamonds]
Requirements: 4.4+
General description: Have you ever watched episodes of your favorite TV show and imagined yourself as the main character?


Have you ever watched episodes of your favorite TV show and imagined yourself as the main character?

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes lets you do just that!

Make important decisions: dress up in beautiful outfits, navigate the drama and let yourself fall in love.

In our exciting stories, you will make your secret dreams come true!

Customize your avatar: you choose how you want to look

Read exciting chapters from an ever-growing collection of interactive stories

Choose between different stories: romance, drama, LGBT friendly stories… You name it, our chapters have it!

Dress Up: Wear the outfit you like best from a wide variety of options

Develop relationships with other characters in our stories: will they be friends, enemies or lovers?

Make decisions that will affect the end of the story: you are the master of your destiny!

Find your way into your boss’s heart and be the office flirt in HOW TO RUIN YOUR BOSS!

Your boss, with whom you have been in love for a long time, is incredibly handsome and charming. Can you keep things professional between you? Are you going to focus on your career or on your awesome boss? Fight to make things work and find your happy ending!

In BODYGUARD, you fall in love with the man who was hired to save your life. You’re in love, but does he feel the same? In exciting chapters full of drama and romance, it’s your choices that determine if your love story will have a happy ending!

In THE PROPOSAL, a mysterious billionaire accompanies you for a whole week! He is unlike any man you’ve ever met before, but you can’t help but think that his cold exterior hides deep feelings… Can you meet his demands? Will you end up in love or is it all just business for you?

Your choices in the episodes of this dramatic story will decide!

Hang out with celebrities, dress up in fancy outfits, become famous and find your perfect match in MATCHMAKER episodes.

In an unexpected turn of events, you ended up on a famous reality show. With contestants including a bad boy singer, a famous Hollywood actor, and your ex-model, these episodes are about to get interesting! Are you going to be a flirt who wraps everyone around his finger to win the show, or are you looking for true love? Are you a good girl or a scandal queen? In each episode, YOU choose what you want to do, and your choices will determine the end of this story!

In VAMPIRE’S KISS you finally got used to the 21st century lifestyle. Everything changes when you receive an invitation to the vampire ball where you will meet someone you lost a century ago…

Will you meet other old friends and enemies along the way? Choose your best dress and meet your maker in Vampire’s Kiss!

In MY EVIL BILLIONAIRE, you pose as your boss’s wife! Your relationship may be fake, but the chemistry between you is real. With people trying to sabotage your love story, can you two fall in love?

Do your best in these romantic episodes!

And those are just some of our romantic stories! We are constantly working to bring you new and exciting chapters.

Whichever story you choose, hours of fun are guaranteed!

Download Tabou Stories: Love Episodes now and start living your secret life!

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What’s new:
Hello gamers!

The new update is here. We are very excited about the improvements we made to the game, we hope you are too!
Needless to say, some bugs were squashed so that you could have a better gaming experience.
Like every week, we have new chapters coming out, so it’s time to start reading your favorite stories!
Install it and have fun!

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