Weather Live Wallpapers v1.81 [Pro] Latest Version

Weather Live Wallpapers v1.81 [Pro]
Requirements: 5.0 and later versions
General description: Take a look at the weather!

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The movement of the sun, precipitation, and phase of the moon are realistically animated on screen with beautifully crafted details. The picturesque landscape reflects the weather with amazing accuracy. Enjoy the sunrise, the rainbow, the chirping of the birds and every glow of the sun!

You can use a realistic weather app as wallpaper on your desktop, they will reflect the weather now and you will always be aware of the weather conditions. You can also launch the weather app in a window or install a widget. When you use a realistic weather app as wallpaper on your desktop, double tapping on the screen will open a weather window where the scrolling time will allow you to watch an accelerated change of weather in the form of animation for the next 7 days . Moving up opens additional information and the weather immediately for a week.

In a realistic weather app there are several types of widgets: a round widget for 1 cell showing temperature and probability of precipitation, a weather widget for 3 days and hours, as well as a weather widget for 5 days. Any widget can be made transparent or choose a background color in the settings when it is added to the desktop.

There are several sources of weather data from which you can choose the most accurate for your region.

The app is free to download and has great functionality in a free space. PRO purchase is available for scenes: To use the app as a real-time animated weather wallpaper, you need to pay for the scene. Also, purchasing at least one scene disables all in-app advertising.

In the free version of the weather app, using live wallpapers on your desktop always shows clear weather, as well as day and night without transitions. You can see the weather in the weather window, double tap. In the PRO version, both the time of day and the weather can be seen directly on the wallpaper. In addition, the PRO version allows you to customize the display of weather conditions on the wallpaper.

The app collection has various scenes with different themes. Each scene is crafted in great detail and the scenes will find nice and surprising little details.

Scenes currently available:
– Path
– Winter
– Venice
– Quiet Alley
– Magic Castle
– Green Mountains
– Autumn

New Year, winter Christmas scene with fir trees and Christmas decorations – garlands and balls (for PRO version). The color of garlands and balls is customizable. By clicking on the screen, snowflakes fly. The snowflakes will be picked up by the wind, the snowflakes will slowly rotate and merge with the accumulated snow on the landscape.

Path. For the first time between the scenes, four seasons weather live wallpapers. The view opens up a vast expanse of mountainous terrain. The horizon is dotted with mountain peaks, some of them are covered with fir trees, others, which are higher, are covered with snow. In the middle of this wildlife space, a path bumps into a winding line and then hides behind a hill. This picture creates a feeling of clean, fresh mountain air and the aroma of forest fir trees.

Venice. The Cathedral and the island of the same name San Giorgio Maggiore, which can be reached by gondolas (boats) or vaporetto (river buses).

Magic Castle. The majestic imperial castle, a former fortress, Reichsburg Cochem rises 100 meters above the city of the same name Cochem in Germany, on the Moselle River and is visible for many kilometers surrounded by fields and vineyards. One of the most beautiful and romantic places in Germany.

The novelty now is Fuji. Beautiful and most famous view of Mount Fuji overlooking Chureito Pagoda. The top of Fuji is covered with snow, at the foot of many small houses a village has formed. Chureito Pagoda rises majestically, drowning in sakura petals. Japanese spring landscape with cherry blossoms: pacifies and energizes.

What’s new:
Our cats will keep you warm this winter

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