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Ms_Julia wrote:Somehow the theme is not written anywhere that XPrivacy distributes as PWYW on the author’s website http://www.xprivacy.eu, by filling in some fields at the bottom of the page, you can get a PRO license! free!
:ha ha ha: :ha ha ha: :ha ha ha:

interesting and very true :D

However, I don’t have google play on my phone, will the free license work without google play installed?

I also don’t have Google Play on my phone, and everything works fine.
The author himself gives you a free PRO license. You don’t need to buy anything.
I personally received the license for free.
Here is a letter that was attached to the PRO license.

Hello Julia,
As requested, a free professional license from XPrivacy, because “sorry, no means to donate.”
I sincerely hope you enjoy using XPrivacy.
If you have any questions or would like to see a new feature, please let me know.
To activate professional features, please place the attached license file in the top folder of your SD card. If you have a device without an SD card, please put the license file in the top folder of the internal storage. Note that internal storage is often confusingly called external storage. If you have questions, XPrivacy displays in the menu about where to put the license file. The license file will be automatically moved from the SD card (or internal storage) to the app data folder. Restart XPrivacy (or reboot your device) to activate professional features.
Alternatively, you can try opening the license file with your favorite file explorer. If this works, which depends on your version of Android, XPrivacy will offer to open the license file. XPrivacy will import the license file and immediately activate the professional features in this way.
You can check in the about menu whether the professional features were activated successfully.
Make sure the license file is not renamed or modified during the download.
If you install OI File Manager, you can select files to import.
Exporting and importing can take quite a long time, you can read here how you can reduce this.
If you’re interested in other privacy-related software, take a look here for a short list of useful apps.
Best regards, Marcel

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