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YouTube v18.06.39 [Revanced][Extended]
Requirements: Android 8.0 and above
General description: See what the world is watching, from the hottest music videos to what’s hot in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning and more. Subscribe to the channels you love, create your own content, share it with friends, and watch it on any device.


watch and subscribe
● Find personal recommendations on Home
● See the latest from your favorite channels in Subscriptions
● Find videos you’ve watched, liked, and saved for later in the Library.

Explore different themes, what’s popular and growing (available in select countries)
● Stay up to date on what’s popular in music, games, beauty, news, learning and more
● See what’s trending on YouTube and around the world in Explore
● Get insights into the top creators, players and rising artists (available in select countries)

Connect with the YouTube community
● Stay up to date with your favorite creators with posts, stories, premieres and live streams
● Join the conversation with comments and interact with creators and other members of the community.

Create content from your mobile device
● Create or upload your own videos right in the app.
● Engage with your audience in real time with live streaming directly from the app

Find the experience that suits you and your family (available in select countries)
● Each family has its own approach to online videos. Learn about your options: the YouTube Kids app or a new parent-supervised experience on YouTube at

Support the creators you love with channel memberships (available in select countries)
● Join channels that offer paid monthly memberships and support their work.
● Get access to exclusive channel benefits and become part of its community of members.
● Stand out in comments and live chats with a loyalty badge next to your username

Upgrade to YouTube Premium (available in select countries)
● Watch videos without interruption by ads, while using other apps or when the screen is locked
● Save videos for when you really need them, like when you’re on a plane or traveling.
● Get access to YouTube Music Premium as part of your benefits

What’s new:
To find out about new features, look for education and notifications in the product that share the feature and how to use it.

Modification information:
advanced patches v2.162.7:
What’s new:
– fix: `hide-next-prev-button` patch is broken
– fix: `materialyou` patch is broken
– fix: several settings are missing in Youtube settings (YouTube bug)
– fix (integration): build failed in debug environment
– remove the `enable-old-layout` patch (included by default)
– refactor: ReVanced settings UI (remove `settings` tag in title and remove summary)
– refactor (sponsor block): better omitted time format
– refactor: use activity context instead of ApplicationContext
– crowdin translation update
Arabic, Azerbaijani, Simplified Chinese, French, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian `, `Spanish`, `Turkish`, `Ukrainian`, `Vietnamese`
– add YouTube support v18.06.39
– stopped supporting YouTube v18.06.35

Build Information:

● Reading dex files
● AndroidManifest.xml decoding only, because no resources are needed
● Merge Tools/Advanced Integrations-0.97.6.apk
● Skip custom-branding-icon-afn-blue: Excluded by default
● Skip custom-branding-icon-afn-red: Manually excluded
● Skip custom-branding-icon-revancify: Excluded by default
● Skip custom brand name: Manually excluded
● Deletion of the existing resource cache directory
● Decoding resources
● successful client forgery
● custom search bar color succeeded
● successful custom video speed
● successful default video quality
● default video rate successful
● disable haptic feedback was successful
● enable-external-browser successful
● enable-minimize-successfulplay
● enable old layout correctly
● enable-old-quality-design successful
● enable-open-links-directly correct
● enable-seekbar-tapping succeeded
● enable-tablet-miniplayer correctly
● Enable successful wide search bar.
● Force-Premium-heading succeeded
● force-vp9-codec successful
● header change succeeded
● Hide automatic subtitles correctly
● hide-auto-player-popup-panels succeeded
● Hide autoplay button correctly
● hide-button-container succeeded
● hide-subtitles-button succeeded
● Hide the conversion button was successful
● hide-channel-watermark succeeded
● hide-comment-correct-component
● hide-create-button succeeded
● hide-crowdfunding-box was successful
● hide email address correctly
● hide-endscreen-cards succeeded
● end screen overlay done correctly
● Hiding the filmstrip overlay was successful.
● Hide-microphone-floating successful
● Hide the floating panel correctly
● hide-fullscreen-buttoncontainer succeeded
● hide-fullscreen-panels succeeded
● hide-general-ads succeeded
● Hide info cards correctly
● hide-live-chat-button succeeded
● hide-mix-playlists succeeded
● hide-next-previous-button succeeded
● hide-pip notification succeeded
● hide-player-button-background succeeded
● hide-player-overlay-filter succeeded
● hide-shorts-button succeeded
● correct hide-shorts component
● hide-snackbar succeeded
● hide-startup-shorts-player succeeded
● hide-stories was successful
● hidden suggested actions were successful
● hide-time-and-seekbar succeeded
● hide-tooltip-content succeeded
● Hide video ads successfully
● layout change succeeded
● material you made it
● microg-support succeeded
● successful resource optimization
● successful overlay buttons
● successful patch options
● return-youtube-dislike succeeded
● the configuration was successful
● sponsorship successfully locked
● successful sliders
● successful theme
● successful translations
● Resource compilation
● Writing modified dex files
● Finished

Root Requirement:
Signature verification must be disabled to perform the installation.
Here are 2 possible solutions:
1) LSPosed + CorePatch module:
2) Lucky Patcher -> Patch to Android -> “Disable .apk signature verification”

NO ROOT requirement:
– MicroG/Advanced MicroG:

Installation Note:
● Root
– Install, enjoy.
– Beware of automatic GP update:
disable it or try mindetach’s magisk module.
● No root
– Install, enjoy.

Team Renewed, inotia00, j-hc, Chelpus, Team LSPosed, …

This application does not have advertising

More information:

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Download Instructions:
● armeabi-v7a 64.4MB


● arm64-v8a 68.9MB


● x86 70.0MB


x86_64 69.2MB


● armeabi-v7a 64.6MB


● arm64-v8a 68.9MB


● x86 69.9MB


x86_64 69.1MB


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